The future of crowdfunding in Italy // 2013

crowdfuture is the conference that deals with collective financing of innovative ideas and all the related aspects.

Brand Strategy ~ Experience Design ~ Front-end

The Event

The Italian event aimed at raising questions and proposing answers, facing the past and the future of crowdfunding while identifying and explaining connected challenges and new trends. The event was established in 2012 thanks to our partnership with the Scottish research and advisory firm twintangibles. The objective of the first edition was to analyze the phenomenon, highlighting problems, challenges and solutions to offer a close examination on the future of crowdfunding. The 2013 edition has yet focused on the most up-to-date market trends, analyzing every single aspect while following thematic tracks: European Regulation, Legal Aspects, Civic Crowdfunding, Open Source and Gamification.

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A responsive website built in HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript for a quick user experience and an agile oriented development.
To make information consulting on Crowdfuture as much simple and immediate  as possible while still being able to easily update contents.
We opted for a light front-end based on our favorite CSS Framework, Foundation, supported by a webservice created with WordPress plugin such as JSON-API.
We were then able, with the most flexibility, to fully manage web performance without giving up our preferred aspect: the Design.

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Our perspective on web

Web App

As an elegant and convenient solution to make conference contents available on mobile devices, we built a mobile web app that does not need to be installed. It still works as a real app on all kinds of smartphone displays, getting data from a Web Service REST built with WordPress.

we love details - this is a zoom for this web view
we love details - this is a zoom for this web view

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