A cross-platform application to better engage your guests in your events. // 2014

Minorca World Medicine Park is the global meeting place for the health care community bringing together more than 1500 doctors and other health care professionals from across the globe every May.

Experience Design ~ Front-end ~ Mobile Development
The schedule

App wmp2014

Cross-platform app WMP2014 allows attendees to access conference related informations any time. The basic functions of this app, which is specifically dedicated to events and congresses, are those of checking the conference program, consulting information sheets about talks and speakers, looking for the venues on the map and getting the latest updates about the event.

Thanks to push notifications, the organization has the chance to provide the attendees real-time warning about important updates. Managing changes in program schedules and communicating significant meeting opportunities has then become much easier.


Inform and Engage

To enhance information and networking opportunities among participants we developed a cross platform app (iOS/Android) able to provide both logistical and content related information on the conference as well as a private instant messaging system aimed to guarantee the exchange between the guests.

Chat & Feedback


Communication among attendees during an event is a fundamental act to promote new opportunities. Thanks to the instant messaging system, single or multiple users have the chance to chat through the app and be alerted via push notifications, even when the app is off.


A dedicated feedback and Q&A section invites users to actively participate to the conference, sending their feedbacks and their own questions about the talks: the organization will be able to share comments on a branded big screen, subjected to back-office moderation.

Sponsored messages.

WMP2014 gives the organizers the chance to offer further visibility to their sponsors. Again, thanks to push notifications, promotional messages can be sent to all the chat users or just a specific target within them.

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Chat details

The technical solution

In order to distribute a fast and catchy app to our users, we decided to develop it using a framework that could widely meet both user experience and organizers’ multiple needs. Together with this we shall mention the development of API Chat messaging for real-time questions to the speakers, built using Ruby On Rails web service.

Technical overview


We then relied on the cross platform framework called Titanium Appcelerator with two different methods running together, always developing both for iOS and Android. One is focused on displaying the content that can be consulted (about, program, schedule, faculty, news) and includes local web pages that access an API REST available from the official website built with WordPress. The other is more private thence dedicated to the chat, the address book, feedbacks and questions, and is directly managed by the custom development built using Titanium Appcelerator together with our partners from Softarchitect.

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